Thursday, August 5, 2010

How to Get the More Traffic to Your Articles

Keywords and a good linking strategy are the most important things to get the most traffic to your articles, because they push your articles higher in a Google search.
The Google search engine is by far the most popular search engine on the net today, not only that but for many years it has been the most visited site online, with a market share of 7%. In order to increase the amount of traffic that Google brings to your articles, you have to understand what Google is looking for in a given search.
Let's say you typed in: how to get the most traffic on your articles. The articles or websites that appeared on the first page would be the ones that had the most relevant, consistent uses of those words, and related keywords.
Keywords are the first factor Google looks at when deciding which article to rate highest in a search, (you should have the first two tagged keywords in every paragraph, and making up about 5% of the article), but there are many other algorithms written into Google.
Such as: the amount of links to an article or site, the age of the article, the traffic on the article, the locality of the article (Google favors articles written in your area), so many alogrithms, that the top engineers at Google do not know exactly how they all fit together.
Traffic on your articles can be obtained in other ways, such as direct unpaid advertising, like using a facebook page, or social networking site to drive traffic to your articles, but in the end, the most important tactic is understanding Google's search engine algorithms.
Don't spend too much time trying to make links to your articles, as you need to keep writing more, but links are another good way to increase the traffic to your articles.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mega Software Launch is Coming....

Hey Guys,Sim Here

I want to thank you for visiting this blog of mine which is fully dedicated to Paul Ponna's upcoming product Mega Software Launch.It is releasing on September 21 but I'm yet to confirm this date and nor have have received any information about it.

Don't worry.This blog will be the first place I'll inform anything about Mega Software Launch.

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Mega Software Launch

So Stay tuned and keep visiting:-)

Sim Aurile